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CIABOC complaint


Transparency International Sri Lanka on Friday (22.10.2021) lodged a complaint with the Bribery Commission (CIABOC) regarding alleged corruption committed by a high ranking official of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka (SPC). Details of the alleged corruption were revealed through a whistleblower. According to the complaint that was submitted, the ... Read More


First ever UN General Assembly Special Session against Corruption took place in New York Sri Lankan highlighted the importance of international cooperation and engagement with media, civil society and the corporate sector in the fight against corruption. Sri Lanka assures that the draft law on Proceeds of Crime in ... Read More


TISL has compiled a list of allegations and facts regarding the alleged Sugar scam that rocked the country earlier this year. TISL notes that the allegations if proven to be true, could possibly be an example of State Capture. State Capture is when powerful individuals, institutions, companies or groups within or ... Read More


TISL today filed a petition with the Supreme Court challenging the Colombo Port City Economic Commission bill, highlighting three key corruption concerns. TISL urges that the bill is in violation of several key articles of the Constitution and that it creates pathways for corruption, by facilitating or enabling illicit financial flows, ... Read More