Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

Period – 23.06.2021 – 30.04.2023
Value of Grant (in donor currency) – 50,000.00 CAD

Project objectives –
Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms across Sectors in Sri Lanka to Combat Corruption.

  1. To enhance the public service sector to be transparent and accountable to its citizens.
  2. To enhance the knowledge and accountability of law enforcement agencies on the legal remedies for victims and witnesses of crime.
  3. To enhance accountability systems that minimise the abuse of political power.
  4. To empower citizens to report and reject corruption with increased awareness.
  5. To enhance private sector commitment against bribery and grand corruption.


European Union – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

Period – 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2023
Value of Grant (in donor currency) – 569,981.00 EUR

Project objectives –
Stronger media through enhanced Freedom of Expression and Right to Information (RTI)

1. To improve quality of journalism by strengthening investigative journalism, media education and online media literacy,

2. To support stronger, robust enjoyment of Freedom of Expression, supported by independent, pluralist media, strengthening democratic values including establishment of transparent and open government by mainstreaming Right to Information

Transparency International – Secretariat (TI-S)

EU – SANCUS – (European Union – Strengthening Accountability Networks Among Civil Society)

Period – 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2023
Value of Grant (in donor currency) – 205,464.20 EUR

Project objectives –
Strengthening Accountability Networks Among Civil Society: Regional coordination of Asia-Pacific countries and in-country action

1.To effectively mobilize CSOs and right holders to demand greater accountability and integrity through increased visibility, strategic advocacy and broad networks.

2.To support CSOs to meaningfully engage duty bearers in consultations, redress mechanisms, as well as in the monitoring and scrutiny of their responsiveness to the policy and budget cycles.

3. To support CSOs to advocate for strongly for enhanced parliamentary oversight, as well as stronger democratic accountability institutions and mechanisms, based on systematic monitoring and public reporting on their performance, using digital technologies.

Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI)

Period – 01.10.2021 – 31.12.2023
Value of Grant (in donor currency) – 250,000.00 USD

Project objectives –
Organizational Support with a special focus on promoting the Right to Information:
To empower and mobilize citizens to understand and resist corruption.
To advocate for accountability systems that minimize the abuse of political power.
To support a transparent and accountable public sector.
To facilitate the enhancement of private sector accountability.

Transparency International – Secretariat (TI-S)

GACCGlobal Anti-Corruption Consortium Project

Period – 01.06.2020 – 31.05.2021
Value of Grant (in donor currency) – 23,116 EUR

Project objectives –
Global Anti-Corruption Consortium Project – Grand Corruption and Asset Recovery in Sri Lanka

Advocate towards:
– The recovery of assets lost to Sri Lanka due to corruption.
– Greater awareness among the Sri Lankan public of the possibilities and chances of this asset recovery- awareness raising on the scale of the loss to Sri Lanka.
– The enactment of the Proceeds of Crime Act in Sri Lanka.

Transparency International – Secretariat (TI-S)

(DFAT – STRONGG- Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia))

Period – 01.12.2020 – 31.08.2023
Value of Grant (in donor currency) – 149,896.00 EUR

Project objectives –
Supporting Good Governance through Informed and Active Public Demand for Accountability
1. To strengthen citizens’ voice for accountability
2. To enhance institutional capacity in championing accountability and good governance, both domestically and internationally
3. To develop stronger laws and policies to address anti-corruption at all levels of government with the input of the civil society