Integrity of Recruitment in Sri Lanka Foreign Service

Integrity of Recruitment in Sri Lanka Foreign Service

Irregular and politically motivated appointments have demoralised the Sri Lanka Foreign Service. Urgent action needed to restore integrity and efficiency of the foreign service. TISL Position Paper issued recently analyses the governance issues in the Sri Lankan Foreign Service recuitment pocess.

“Appointments to the Foreign Service are a subject of debate in Sri Lanka at various levels. A series of articles published in media, particularly by former reputed diplomats, have raised many vital issues of integrity in the process and their adverse and diverse effects on the country. The issues raised are necessarily linked to good governance. Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL), issues this Position Paper analyzing various critical issues arising out of the “recruitment process” for serious public discussion.”

Download Paper:
English Edition of the paper     |   Sinhala Edition of the paper  |   Tamil Edition of the paper

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