Transparency International Sri Lanka creates History


Transparency International Sri Lanka creates History

Transparency International Sri Lanka(TISL) for the first time in the annals of Sri Lanka history has developed a whistle blower protection policy and launched it with the backing of more than 40 Trade Unions in the country.

TISL fulfilled a long awaited national need and a fundamental right to protect the public and private sector officials who voiced against corruption and malpractices within their orgnaisations. This was a need that trade union leaders voiced for more than a decade.

The preparation of the policy took more than 03 months where trade union leaders along with professionals, individuals and lawyers collectively developed content through workshops, meetings and validating meetings before its being finalized. The policy was launched recently in front of a packed ordinance at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.

At the launching event all trade unions, civil society organizations and social activists became signatory to the policy document prepared by the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) comprising of Transparency International, anti-corruption activists, professionals and academics.

He made this declaration on 26 July while addressing the press conference to mark the launch of the policy on encouragement and protection of whistle blowers. He called for action to develop this policy to be an Act of parliament and to incorporate all financial regulations in the establishment code and regulations under the local government  Act.

There were serious issues on the safety of whistle blowers where the whistle blowers faced harassment and threats. They lost their employment, received punishment transfers and were even assaulted and murdered. The lack of the protection of the whistle blowers was highlighted as one of the obstacles in eradicating corruption from the country.

At the launching ceremony Shan Wijethunge the senior manager of TISL said that they will advocate for adoption of the policy in state sector as initial step towards accepting whistle blower protection and then later along with all other organaisations who involved in the process push government to present it as a Bill.

He thanked Anada Jayasekara manager TISL, for spearheading the process and applauded the work of Lawyer D. Dissanayake and former deputy director general of CIABOC for drafting the policy.

You can download the whistle blower protection policy.

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