TISL holds AGM despite pressure from organized elements

TISL holds AGM despite pressure from organized elements










Despite organised elements continuing to disrupt the movements of  Transparency International SrI Lanka (TISL) it stood firm and held the Annual General Meeting and the Members’ Day programme successfully as scheduled on the 27th June 2014.

Both events were well attended and the Board members and the members of the TISL gave overwhelming support to the continuation of its activities to strengthen anti-corruption structures and processes and envisioning a nation that upholds integrity. They firmly advocate TISL’s goal to support the collective effort to eradicate corruption in order to build a future Sri Lanka which is equitable, peaceful and just.

The AGM was almost cancelled or postponed due to the decision of the management of the Global Tower Hotel in Wellwatta made a few hours prior to commencement of the meeting on the scheduled date (27th June) not to allow TISL, the national chapter of the Global Movement against Corruption to hold its AGM. By then all arrangements had been made and full payment made to the hotwl. The hotel management informed the TISL staff s that they had received instructions from a Buddhist monk not to permit the TISL meeting. Although TISL made several attempts to hold the meeting thee, the hotel management refused.. TISL has lodged a complaint against this action at the Wellawatta police station.

During the last five weeks a number of TISL activities were disrupted by these forces with this latest attempt being an order issued by an apparent unknown authority.

The conduct of the Annual General Meeting before the end of the financial year is a legal requirement according to the Company’s Act under which TISL is registered. The disruption directly hinders TISL from carrying out its legal requirement as a credible, reputed and established Company limited by Guarantee in Sri Lanka.

But due to the swift action taken by TISL Executive Director, S. Ranugge and staff members the AGM was held in a different venue.,

30 June 2014

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