TISL Develops Network of Trained Journalists

TISL Develops Network of Trained Journalists


Trained Journalists investigative Journalism and Election Reporting met in Colombo and formed a network to affiliate with Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) to improve their skills in journalism.

This network was established when more than 75 journalists participated in a meeting held in Sri Lanka Press Institute on 02nd October 2015. TISL convened this meeting to give away certificates to trainees who successfully completed Election Reporting training programme.

At this meeting Shan Wijethunge senior manager of TISL stressed that they are willing to help the journalists in the future to build their capacities to become more professional media personalities. He urged them to form a network which will help the TISL to keep a close rapport. He pointed out that there is a network already commenced by the Investigative Journalism trained journalists and requested them to expand it with the inclusion of other trained journalists.

Trained journalists welcomed this request and shown keen interest to expand the network.

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