TISL Conducts Study on Public service commission

TISL Conducts Study on Public service commission


Public Service Commission (PSC) in Sri Lanka is very critical to well-functioning public service as this institution promotes and safeguards the merit principle in recruitment, promotion, and career management of public servants. Therefore, it may be argued that the PSC is the ultimate source of accountability for the public bureaucracy and de facto a core institution of accountability.

However, in recent years, the PSC’s image has been seriously tarnished due to the perception of excessive politicization and corruption. The public leveled accusations of favoritism, politicization, discrimination, inefficiency and corruption in the public service. The veracity of these allegations had not been investigated or analyzed.

Hence, TISL conducted a study to diagnose the limitations, irregularities and weaknesses in the PSC and make recommendation in order establish independent public service commission.

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/ Research 2014-16

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