Letter to the Editor of the Sunday Leader


Letter to the Editor of the Sunday Leader

Dear Sir,

I am writing to correct an article published about Transparency International Sri Lanka in the Sunday Leader this week. Transparency International is not undertaking a review of TISL, as the headline and article suggested (Amidst allegations of corruption, Transparency International’s Sri Lanka Chapter under review) and the final paragraph about the reasons for the audit is untrue.

Transparency International is the Secretariat that provides support for the Transparency International anti-corruption movement that has more than 100 chapters around the world. It is based in  Berlin. The TISL Board requested financial support from the Secretariat to engage an independent external reviewer to provide recommendations where necessary to improve the existing governance structure. We have agreed to provide funds to TISL so they can carry out the audit. It is a voluntary request from the local chapter as part of its commitment to continuously improve standards. The chapter is not under investigation based on any allegations of corruption.

We would kindly ask you to make this clear as a correction or by publishing this letter. It is important to set the record straight because the impression that the article gave is false.


Stan Cutzach

Governance Director, Governance, Accountability & Learning:

Governance Unit

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