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More Than 900 world's leading investigative reporters, top data journalists, and experts in collaboration, teaching and training met at the 9th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer, Norway on 08th to 11th October 2015. Lillehammer is a small city in the countryside north of Oslo, best known as the host ... Read More
October 20, 2015admin


Trained Journalists investigative Journalism and Election Reporting met in Colombo and formed a network to affiliate with Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) to improve their skills in journalism. This network was established when more than 75 journalists participated in a meeting held in Sri Lanka Press Institute on 02nd October 2015. ... Read More
October 5, 2015admin


TISL conducted a two day training workshop for trade union activist on how they should act against corruption at Tangerine Hotel recently. Thirty trade union activist representing Education, Health and transport sector participated at this workshop. They were trained types of corruption, corruption prevention mechanisms ,role of the whistle blowers in mitigating ... Read More
October 1, 2015admin


Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) has developed another training manual on Investigative Journalism. The manual which will promote public interest investigative journalism in Sri Lanka was co-authored by trainers with the assistance of the TISL editorial committee. Senior Journalists and Editors took part in the development and peer review of the ... Read More
September 16, 2015admin