ALAC Develops Hand Book for State Investigation Officers


ALAC Develops Hand Book for State Investigation Officers

Transparency International Legal arm ALAC with the collaboration of the Ministry of Pubic Administration and Good governance has developed a Hand book for Investigative officer in state institutions. In Sri Lanka over 50 Ministries have established internal investigation units.

Objective of those units are to investigate all the irregularities and malpractices taking place in the Ministry or the institutions under the Ministry. The investigations are commonly commence once a concern citizen makes a complaint to the Ministry.

At a consultation both Ministry and ALAC identified that there aren’t any guidance or written instructions for those investigative officers to conduct a investigation.

Therefore ALAC formulated a Hand book with the consultation of the ministry.  The hand book is in Sinhala language, provides information on present laws in force including the provisions of the Establishments Code, Administrative Circulars an all other administrative norms whether written or otherwise. The Handbook in a easy to read guide.

Contents of the book as follows

Preliminary Investigations
Code of Ethics of Preliminary Investigations
Duty and Role of Investigation Officer
Preliminary Investigation Methods
Steps Involved in a Preliminary Investigation process
Analysis of Evidence
Preparation of the Investigation Report
Drafting Charge Sheets
Legal Proceedings and Disciplinary Proceedings
Acts and Circulars pertaining to Preliminary Investigation Disciplinary Process
Model Report of a Preliminary Investigation.
ALAC Printed 1000 copies of the book and handed over them to the Ministry. In turn the Ministry has distributed the hand book at the investigative officer trainings. Due to the huge demand the Ministry has requested permission to re-print the book.

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