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TISL Submits Proposals to Expert Committee on New Constitution

In December, Transparency International Sri Lanka submitted 21 proposals for Constitutional reform to the expert committee appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers, in response to the invitation made to the general public to make their views known.

TISL made the following submissions that address several key concerns related to its mandate of advocating for open, accountable and inclusive governance that is committed to eradicating corruption.

  1. Ensure Continued Independence of the Right to Information Commission
  2. Prevent Executive Overreach into the Legislature
  3. Introduce Fixed Ministerial Portfolios to Resolve Irrationalities in Governance
  4. Introduce Independent Body to Check Executive Power Over Key Appointments
  5. Ensure Transparency and Accountability in Presidential Pardon Process
  6. Strengthen the Oversight Powers of Parliament
  7. Introduce a Fixed Election Calendar
  8. Introduction of a Campaign Finance Regulatory System
  9. Adopt a Mixed Member Proportional Electoral System
  10. Promote Women’s Representation in Elected Bodies
  11. Rationalise Crossing the Floor in Parliament
  12. Empower and Ensure Independence of the Elections Commission of Sri Lanka
  13. Ensure Independent Judiciary and Promote Integrity Amongst Judges
  14. Strengthen Pre- and Post-enactment Judicial Review
  15. Decentralise Fundamental Rights Jurisdiction
  16. Reinstate the Audit Service Commission
  17. Introduce Measures to Secure Integrity in Public Procurement
  18. Ensure Efficiency and Independence of State-Owned Enterprises
  19. De-politicisation of the Public Service
  20. Strengthen the Anti-Corruption Framework
  21. Uphold Gender Equality

Download full submission here..

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