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Moulavi Hathiyathullah wins Special Mention

A Moulavi (Muslim priest) from Kinniya in the Eastern Province,  M Y Hathiyathullah won recognition at the presentation of the National Integrity Award 2010 with a Special Mention for his active involvement in anti-corruption activities.

He received this recognition from the chief guest Kanak Mani Dixit  at the NIA award ceremony held in BMICH on 09th December 2010

Mihilaka Madura where the NIA awards ceremony was held was filled to capacity. The invitees included cross section of civil society public officials, media and   representatives from Community Based Organizations (CBO) from different parts of the

While serving as a school principal, he is also the secretary of the Kinniya branch of the All-Ceylon Jemiyyathul Ulama (Council of Muslim theologians) contributing much towards promoting ethnic harmony settling disputes among the Muslim population in the area.

His probing into irregular activities of a Quasi (a judge appointed by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to look into family disputes among Muslims) resulted in the Quasi being dismissed from his post by the JSC.

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