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In December 2009 the European Union (EU) has approved a 30 months project to be implemented through Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) on “Enhancing Demand for Accountability in Local Governance” in the districts of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Ampara.
The project had been carefully designed bringing together the mandate and the capacity of TISL and the current context of the needs and constraints of the target group. The activities have been selected based on the experience of TISL’s work with citizens on accountability of public institutions. Through these activities, TISL intends to draw on the insight gained from previous programmes involving similar activities and also to use existing activities and networks at local government level to engage communities and public representatives.
The overall objective of the projects is to contribute to a more accountable public service through enhanced knowledge and citizen’s participation in governance.
Estimated results  of the project are:
i) The citizen’s perspective on the district’s service delivery is identified and presented ;
ii) Increased working relationship and mutual understanding between the general public and the local officers ;
iii) Strengthened capacities of CBO’s and Public Officials and local authorities to engage in a participatory development process ;
iv) Joint Action Plans between civil society groups, local administration and local authorities are formulated and implemented to contribute to a more accountable, consultative and participatory public service;
v) Increased media attention by the trained journalists to the performance of local authorities to maintain high public scrutiny for sustainability of action .

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