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Local authorities are one of the most important segments in Sri Lanka’s administrative structure. They affect the lives of the people on a day to day basis. Pradeshiya Sabhas, urban and municipal councils deliver important services such as garbage collection, allocation of land and trade permissions, XXX. However, there are ... Read More
September 10, 2008haritha


TISL’s project on ‘Ministerial Expenditure Monitoring’ particularly highlighting the legal and financial implications involved in maintaining a large cabinet in Sri Lanka within the current socio-political and legal context has being rolling out for eight months since January, 2008 with the objective of creating a public demand towards good governance. ... Read More
August 29, 2008haritha


TISL’s Monitoring Programme complements the training and education programmes. It produces independent analysis of corruption and malpractice in selected sectors, and provides benchmarks to measure progress towards increased accountability and integrity in those sectors. An area that is of key importance to Sri Lanka’s economic and social development is education. While ... Read More
August 28, 2008haritha


Transparency International defines political corruption as “the misuse of political power for private benefit, in particular the benefits of power, status and wealth”1. According to the definition, it takes two basic forms: corrupt accumulation and extraction and corruption for power preservation and expansion and includes situations where loopholes in national ... Read More
March 24, 2008haritha