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"Democracy should be the duty of the people but what we see now is that the state mechanism has ensured that only the very brave dare to exercise this civic duty to dissent," said Ms Sithara Shreen in her address at the NIA 2011 presentation. Full text of her speech: Article 29(1) ... Read More
December 11, 2011haritha


Hundreds of residents in and around Kamunai thronged to the Christa Ilam Hall on Thursday, 20 October for the exhibition jointly organised by the Pradesheeya Sabha and TISL highlighting good governance and service to the people. They found the materials exhibited at the stalls most interesting and were seen spending ... Read More
October 25, 2011haritha


"Today local government elections are fought just like a major election. Political parties enter the fray and large amounts of money are spent. Elections are a big business today. "Sri Lanka's local elections have had a cherished history. Prior to 1977 when the village committee system was in operation, the accepted ... Read More
October 3, 2011haritha


September 28, is international Right to Know Day. To commemorate this occassion, CHRI has produced an interactive map that allows one to explore the status of access to information in each of the countries of the Commonwealth. To view this map
September 29, 2011haritha