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By late April 2012 the rupee crashed to a considerably low level of Rs. 133 to the US dollar, far beyond the expectations of the authorities, instantaneously creating extensive debates and much unrest amongst economists, politicians, the business community and the general public. However, therein lies the question - can ... Read More
August 9, 2012haritha


Understanding the debilitating effects of manipulation in the stock market, TISL takes the position that increased public awareness and a change in the perception of white collar crime is necessary to alleviate the disastrous effects of a corrupted stock market. This position paper examines recent scandals in the Colombo Stock ... Read More
July 24, 2012haritha


Recognizing the destructive impact on democratic governance in Sri Lanka from Urgent Bills and in light of the structure of democratic rights guaranteed by Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, TISL takes the position that the voting public of Sri Lanka must hold their MPs responsible for ... Read More
May 24, 2012haritha


Please download full text:  [Sinhala .pdf]
February 28, 2012haritha