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Immigration and Emigration Department, one of the Sri Lanka’s best government institutions has taken a further step towards efficiency by issuing a passport within a hour after the office opens. The Department opens at 8.30 a.m. And the first passport used to be issued after one hour. Training Manager Saman K Chandrasiri ... Read More
August 25, 2010haritha


"The countries which succeeded in minimizing corruption achieved it not only by imposing heavy fines and regulations but by relaxing rigid procedures and adopting simpler formats. These simple steps will pay rich dividends in the fight against corruption", says TISL Executive Director J.C.Weliamuna. He was addressing the staff members of the ... Read More
August 20, 2010haritha


The appointment of a UN panel and the conditions laid down by EU to secure GSP+ conditions dominated the parliamentary debates in June 2010 despite the Appropriation Bill 2010 being presented to Parliament, according to the monthly report issued under ‘Parliament Watch-Sri Lanka’. The three- member UN panel is to advise ... Read More
August 17, 2010haritha


"Persons who get caught taking bribes are not only penalised under the law but the society too rejects them. Public officials should not only refrain from taking bribes or indulge in other corrupt practices but also act with responsibility towards minimizing bribery and corruption. " This was the advice given by ... Read More
August 16, 2010haritha