Statement by the Board of Transparency International Sri Lanka

Statement by the Board of Transparency International Sri Lanka

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) notes the allegations made against it on the BBC Sinhala Radio Service on Monday 22 August 2016. The allegations that the organization has penalized certain staff members and a former staff member for complaining against the Executive Director are false, made in bad faith and amount to a serious distortion of facts.

TISL wishes to place on record the fact that all complaints into alleged wrongdoings against any member of staff are taken very seriously and are inquired into without delay. The outcomes of such inquiries are communicated to the complainants concerned. In the case of the specific allegations that have recently received media attention, it is noted that a panel comprising two board members including the Chairman was appointed to inquire into the matter. The complainants did not raise any objections to the process, and in fact expressed a high degree of satisfaction with regard to the process followed. The two-member panel conducted several interviews and evaluated documentary evidence relevant to the matter. It concluded that all allegations were baseless and lacked merit. It did, however, present certain constructive recommendations on improving systems and processes within the organization. The outcome of the inquiry was communicated to the parties concerned. The panel meanwhile raised serious doubts with regard to the good faith of the complainants, as it viewed these allegations as part of a pattern of acts aimed at undermining the integrity and work of TISL.

TISL is conscious of the fact that a staff member may at times abuse whistleblower policies when his or her employment contract is up for renewal. Such tactics amount to intimidation aimed at coercing the organization into renewing the contract of such staff member.

In matters of employment, TISL receives independent legal advice to ensure the best decisions are made in the interest of the long-term welfare, integrity and stability of the organization. Meanwhile, TISL will continue to endeavour to maintain the highest ethical standards and to regularly review internal systems and processes to ensure high standards of integrity.

The Board of Directors

Transparency International Sri Lanka 

23 August 2016

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