Terms of Reference

Creation of Video and infographics on OGP commitment – Anti Corruption and challenges.

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is the local chapter of the global movement against corruption, committed to promoting good governance and eradicating corruption in Sri Lanka. TISL’s mission is to support the collective effort to eradicate corruption in order to build a future Sri Lanka which is equitable, peaceful and just.

Sri Lanka was the first South Asian country to become a signatory to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in October 2015. The OGP requires that governments work together with civil society in identifying national priorities for opening up government – making governments more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens.

One of the key commitments under Sri Lanka’s 2019-21 OGP National Action Plan is to “Establish an effective asset declaration system to ease submission, verification and public access” and is overseen by TISL.

it is imperative that civil society interventions are made to ensure that an effective and meaningful system is proposed and approved by the Parliament. This includes highlighting and incorporating international best practices in online asset disclosure systems and increasing awareness amongst the general public about the significance and use of such an online system.

In order to raise awareness TISL will be organizing a national level campaign on asset declarations using a live action video and a series of infographics with targeted messaging. Under this Citizens are provided information on public access through a public information campaign using electronic, print and digital media. The material developed for this campaign will disseminated through cinemas and billboards located island wide along with a social media campaign.

Deliverables expected from the Service Provider(s)
1. Develop 45 second live action video in English, Sinhala and Tamil which illustrates how, an online system would function and how asset declarations can uncover the illegal accumulation of wealth
2. Develop 5 infographics in English, Sinhala and Tamil which illustrate 5 key aspects of an online asset disclosure system. Supplier should also be able to resize the infographics as required for use on multiple print and electronic platforms.

The budget for video development should be under Rs. 500,000.00
The budget for developing infographics should be under Rs. 225,000.00

The service provider is expected to develop the video within 4 weeks from the time of signing the contract.

Interested parties should send a proposal with a budget breakdown and timeline to [email protected] by 1st October 2019.

Consultant – Conduct Cross Comparison Study on Procurement Practices of Local Government Authorities in Sri Lanka

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is a National Chapter of Transparency International (TI), the leading global movement against corruption. TISL raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it. TISL also engages in a range of governance related activities which includes the promotion of right to information (RTI), election monitoring and supporting the Open Government Partnership.

In an attempt to increase accountability and transparency in procurement processes, TISL has begun gathering data on the procurement practices employed by 75 Local Government Authorities in the country using the Right to Information (RTI). The data provides valuable information on prevailing practices and trends pertaining to procurement of selected goods and services.
TISL is seeking an energetic and dynamic individual with critical thinking to compile a report by analyzing data gathered on procurement in LGAs using RTI. The report needs to be completed within two months.

Scope of work
• Documenting the information received in a database.
• Mapping anomalies in public procurement in LGAs
• Mapping corruption risks in public procurement in LGAs
• Analyzing and cross comparison of information received from the LGAs
• Compiling a report including above information.

A suitable candidate would ideally have:
• Ability to analyze data gathered in Sinhala and Tamil
• Demonstratable quantitative and qualitative research experience
• Ability to write high quality reports in English
• Knowledge on procurement processes in Sri Lanka is an added advantage

Application Process: Please send a cover letter and an updated CV with two non- related Referees to [email protected]. Kindly mention the position in the subject line. The cover letter must include the proposed budget (the range of cost must be between LKR 300,000 – 350,000).

Application Deadline: 27th of September 2019.

Terms of Reference (ToR) – Project Evaluation
Commonwealth Foundation support in ‘Promoting civic-state engagement to support effective implementation of the RTI Act in Sri Lanka’

Background and Context:
1. Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is a national chapter of the global movement against corruption committed to the promotion of good governance and eradication of corruption in Sri Lanka. Registered as a Company limited by guarantee, TISL is the only organisation exclusively working on anti-corruption, integrity and transparency related issues in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, TISL has worked to enhance Sri Lanka’s system of integrity by promoting transparency and accountability in government, business and civil society.

2. TISL is one of the leading champions of Right to Information (RTI) that advocated for the adoption of the RTI Act enacted in August 2016, and now its implementation. Through the support of the Commonwealth Foundation received from December 2016 to August 2019, TISL attempted to facilitate constructive engagement between civil society, the State, and the citizenry to ensure strong implementation of RTI and to promote the use of the Act.

Purpose of the Evaluation
1. The Commonwealth Foundation project was conducted over thirty-three months. The project aimed to i) Ensure that the Sri Lankan public and civil society are aware of their right to information and the methods for exercising the provisions of the RTI Act, and ii) Promote a culture within the state sector that supports efficient and effective disclosure of information. This evaluation is being conducted at the end of the project and will focus on the entire implementation period. Key stakeholders of this evaluation include public authorities, the nodal Ministry on RTI, the RTI Commission, civil society organizations and citizens. The overall purpose of this evaluation is to assess how successfully the project has supported civic engagement in RTI implementation and promoted a culture that supports the disclosure of information. The evaluation is intended to capture achievements, lessons learnt and provide information on the nature, extent and where possible, the impact of the Commonwealth Foundation project.

Scope and Focus of the Evaluation
1. The evaluations will look at the following areas: Project management, project activities, reflection on coordinated engagement and partnership with the State and civil society organizations at the national, regional and local level. It will address the results achieved, the partnerships established and highlight effectiveness and impact of the project.

2. The following questions will guide the end-of-project evaluation:
i. Relevance – Assess design and focus of the project.
ii. Effectiveness – Describe the appropriateness and established management processes in the delivery of desired or planned results.
iii. Efficiency – Of the project implementation.
iv. Impact – Of the project implementation
v. Sustainability – Benefits of the project and approaches to phase into continuation.
vi. Learning – Main lessons learned and recommendations for similar support in the future.

Methodology for Evaluation
TISL’s RTI Manager will guide the direction of the consultancy. The selected evaluator will report to the RTI Manager. The Executive Director and Senior Manager Programmes will provide the consultant with expertise and guide the consultant when necessary. The report will be produced in English.

The evaluation will provide quantitative and qualitative data through the following methods:
• Desk study and review of all relevant project documentation including project proposal, annual work plans, project progress reports, and internal reports.
• Preliminary meetings with Executive Director, Senior Manager Programmes, RTI Manager and project staff.
• In-depth interviews to gather primary data from key stakeholders using a structured methodology that has been approved by the Executive Director, Senior Manager Programmes and RTI Manager.
• Focus group discussions with project beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

Duration of the Evaluation
The evaluation is expected to start by the end of September for an estimated duration of 3 weeks. This will include desk reviews, field work – interviews, data analysis and report writing. The project areas are Colombo, Matara, Jaffna, Ampara and Trincomalee. The consultant may select the field visit areas as appropriate.

Expected deliverables
The following deliverables are expected.
1. An inception report, outlining the key scope of the work and intended work plan of the analysis and evaluation questions, shall be submitted within 3 days of commencing the consultancy. The inception report should detail the evaluator’s understanding of what is being evaluated and why, showing how each evaluation question will be answered by the proposed methods, proposed sources of data and data collection procedures. The inception report should include a proposed schedule of tasks, activities and deliverables. The inception report will be discussed and agreed upon with TISL.

2. A draft comprehensive report that will inform relevant stakeholders, including potential donors. TISL will provide comments within 7 days of the receipt of the Draft Report. The team at TISL will review the draft evaluation report to ensure that the evaluation meets the required quality criteria.

3. The Final Report: This will be submitted within 10 days of receiving comments from TISL. The content and structure of the final analytical report with findings, recommendations and lessons learnt covering the scope of the evaluation should include the following:
• Executive summary (1-2 pages)
• Introduction (1 page)
• Description of the evaluation methodology (5-7 pages)
• Analysis with regard to the outcomes, outputs, impact and advocacy and public outreach strategy (6-8 pages)
• Key findings, including best practices and lessons learnt (6-8 pages)
• Conclusions and recommendations (5-6 pages)
• Annexures: terms of reference, field visit documents, interviews and case studies, all state, civil society and citizens visited, sources for data collection, charts or other graphs.

Required expertise and qualifications
The evaluator should have the following expertise and qualifications:
• Extensive expertise, knowledge and experience working with civil society and the State.
• Five years of experience in project formulation and evaluation.
• Fluent in English and Sinhala and/or Tamil.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
• Research organisations and individual consultants are encouraged to apply.
• Relevant subject matter knowledge and experience would be an advantage.

Expressions of Interest
TISL requests financial and technical proposals from qualified research organisations, project evaluators and individual consultants. The technical proposal should include a brief description on the proposed methodology, evaluation questions that will guide the project evaluation and indicate the timeline for the expected deliverables. The financial proposal must include a breakdown of costs that will be paid based on the delivery of the above-mentioned deliverables, including all travel, accommodation and other related costs.

Proposals should be emailed to [email protected] by 22nd September 2019. The budget available for this task is Rs. 200,000 – 250,000, and proposals will be considered on a value for money (VFM) basis.

Terms of Reference – Production of Biographical Short Films for Integrity Icon 2019

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is a National Chapter of Transparency International (TI), the leading global movement against corruption. TISL raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.

In June this year TISL together with Accountability Lab launched “Integrity Icon 2019– Honouring Honesty” to recognize public officials who go above and beyond the call of duty to serve the Sri Lankan public with integrity. The campaign was successfully held in Sri Lanka for the first time last year with the grand finalé being held on 3 November 2018.

Following the deadline for the submission of nominations, which fell on 11 August 2019, the esteemed panel of judges are in the process of assessing the nominations received and will select 5 final candidates. These candidates will be introduced to the Sri Lankan public through biographical short films and the public will be invited to vote for their integrity icon via an SMS platform to select the eventual winner of Integrity Icon 2019.

TISL is seeking the services of an experienced individual or an agency to produce the biographical short films on the five final candidates with tri-lingual subtitles, detailing their services and informing the public on the voting procedure. The films should be produced in accordance with guidelines set by TISL and Accountability Lab.

The selected party will produce the required short films within the period of one month from the date of selection in order to allow sufficient time for public voting ahead of the Integrity Icon 2019 finalé.

As nominations have been called for from across the country, the production of the short films may involve travel to out-station areas.


  • 5 tri-lingual short films (duration of 5 minutes each) designed to raise public awareness on the stories of the shortlisted candidates for Integrity Idol 2018 and informing the public on the voting procedure (Total of 15 videos).
  • Supplier should also be able to provide 30 second to 1 minute long edits of the videos
  • Short films to be produced within a one month period.

Interested parties should submit their proposal with a detailed budget to [email protected] by 20th September 2019. Please mention “Integrity Icon 2019 – Finalists Videos” as the subject.

Call for Proposals – Video on the recovery of stolen assets for social media and web platforms

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is the local chapter of the global movement against
corruption, committed to promoting good governance and eradicating corruption in Sri Lanka. TISL’s
mission is to support the collective effort to eradicate corruption to build a future Sri Lanka which is
equitable, peaceful and just.

There is a pressing need to address the lack of awareness and understanding amongst the public in
Sri Lanka regarding anti-corruption concepts such as the recovery of stolen assets. The video is
intended to bridge this gap creatively, enhancing knowledge on the concept and the devastating
impact of corruption and illicit financial flows on society, and creating a public dialogue as to the need
for strong legislative frameworks to ensure the recovery of assets stolen from Sri Lanka.

TISL is calling for proposals to develop a 2D or 3D short animated video or a live action video
(maximum 2 minutes long) that informs the general public about the devastating nature of illicit
financial flows, the concept of asset recovery and the importance of recovering assets lost to Sri Lanka
as a result of corruption. The video should be available in English, Sinhala and Tamil and will be
used in social media and other web-based platforms.

TISL will provide the required expertise wherever required or requested. The products should be
developed within a one-month period of awarding the contract.

The proposal should include:
• A detail outline as to how the impact of illicit financial flows on Sri Lanka and the concept of
asset recovery will be communicated.
• A clear insight and approach
• Whether the video will be and animation or a live action video
• The duration of the video
• Proposed budget (The range of the cost must be between Rs. 400,000 and Rs. 450,000/=)
• Timeframe required to complete the assignment
• Samples of similar past campaigns

Note: the substance of the messages will be further developed with TISL’s input once the supplier is
Proposals along with budget details should be emailed to [email protected] by 21st August 2019.