Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – Animation on the Mixed Member Proportional System (MMP)

Transparency International Sri Lanka is calling for quotations for the production of an animated video that illustrates the Mixed Member Proportional System.

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is the local chapter of the global movement against corruption, committed to promoting good governance and eradicating corruption in Sri Lanka. TISL’s mission is to support the collective effort to eradicate corruption in order to build a future Sri Lanka which is equitable, peaceful and just.

This terms of reference (ToR) is for the production of an animated video that aims to illustrate the nuances of a mixed member proportional (MMP) electoral system in a simplified animation that highlights the key functions and features of MMP. MMP is an electoral system used to elect a Parliament.

It is a proportional system, where the proportion of votes a party gets will largely reflect the number of seats it has in parliament. Each voter gets two votes. The first vote is for the political party the voter chooses. This is called the party vote and largely decides the total number of seats each political party gets in Parliament. The second vote is to choose the Member of Parliament the voter wants to represent the electorate they live in. This is called the electorate vote. The candidate who gets the most votes wins. This animation to be produced will illustrate this process in a manner that would be simple and easy to understand.

For more information and animation video examples on MMP please refer to this link; http://www.elections.org.nz/voting-system/mmp-voting-system

1. Deliverables
60 second English animation in either 2D or 3D form on the MMP system and its key functions with Sinhala and Tamil translated versions (3 videos).

2. Specifics for the contractor
• Script writing for English video in consultation with TISL
• Directing the production of the video
• Developing the graphic art work for video
• Animation and video rendering
• Provide voice overs (Narrator and announcer) for animation if required
• Translating the script and adapting the master video to Sinhala and Tamil
• Providing narration and announcing in Sinhala and Tamil if required
• Video adaption and rendering for the videos in Sinhala and Tamil
• The facilities/equipment and all the logistic for the recording arrangement including the back up plans should be covered by the contractor
TISL will provide the required technical support and expertise in writing the script for the master video as well as where ever required or requested.

3. Timeframe
The duration of the contract is from 1 April to 20 May 2017. Copies of the final master video and its Sinhala and Tamil versions should be submitted to TISL no later than 20 May 2017.

4. Budget
The budget for this assignment will be be a sum of 500,000 LKR including taxes for the production of the master video and the translated versions in Sinhala and Tamil.

Proposals along with budget details should be emailed to ashra@tisrilanka.org by 7th April 2017.