Lankan life expectancy tops 74

Lankan life expectancy tops 74


Life expectancy in Sri Lanka has increased according to last year’s statistics where the average life expectancy has risen to 74, Health Ministry said yesterday.

Life expectancies at birth for men and women have risen to 69 and 76 years, respectively. The demand for nursing care for the elderly and specialists in geriatric care was also greater than before, Health Ministry sources said.

To increase the existing facilities that are there for elders, the Ministry plans to prepare special wards for elders in near future with all upgraded state of the art facilities within hospitals.

“We still do not have such facilities similar to those in Western countries but a new hospital for elders is also in the agenda of the Health Ministry,” sources said. “In Sri Lanka, there are no geriatric hospitals so we have proposed to the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) to start a postgraduate course for doctors who want to specialize in Geriatrics,” Health Ministry sources said.

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