Institutional Development 2014-16



Two prominent members of the Transparency International Sri Lanka its chairman and senior lawyer J. C. Weliamuna and leading investigator B.A.W. Abeywardane were part of the Board of Inquiry which found shocking details of corruption running into billions of dollars at Sri Lankan airlines under the former government. The Board of Inquiry headed by J. C. Weliamuna found instances of gross abuse of power,manipulations of service contracting, ... Read More
April 6, 2015admin


TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL SRI LANKA RECEIVED DEATH THREATS FOLLOWING WORKSHOPS TO TRAIN JOURNALISTS The Committee to Protect Journalists, Front Line Defenders, the International Press Institute, and Reporters without Borders join with the anti-corruption movement Transparency International to express concern about the escalating intimidation of civil society activists, human rights defenders and journalists and call on the Sri Lankan authorities to take firm action to protect the safety of civil society. 2014 has been marked by a steady escalation ... Read More
November 21, 2014admin


Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement, condemns the continued harassment of its chapter in Sri Lanka, including a growing number of death threats to the staff, and demands the government investigate. Transparency International Sri Lanka’s work is centred on fighting corruption in Sri Lanka. To this end it has monitored elections, trained local government officials on budget transparency and has run a series of workshops to train journalists how to uncover corruption in the both the ... Read More
November 4, 2014admin


Journalists and staff members of the Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) made complaints to the Inspector General of Police on the threats they received for conducting an event to award certificates to the trained Investigative Journalists in Colombo recently. As part of its regular programme of work, TISL organized a series of training programmes for journalists to build their capacity on investigative journalism. All resource persons and participants were Sri Lankans. At the completion of the ... Read More
October 22, 2014admin


  At this year’s annual membership meeting in Berlin, the Transparency International movement elected José Ugaz, a former president of the movement’s chapter in Peru and a leading anti-corruption lawyer, as the new chair. This is the first time in the organisation’s 21-year history that a leader of one of Transparency International’s chapters has been chosen to lead the movement. Read More:
October 21, 2014admin


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  We wish to inform you that our website - - has been hacked yesterday and there is strong a possibility of creating a bogus website by the hackers to misinform the public and tarnish TISL' image. TI Sri Lanka has been under threat since last June and this could be a work of a coward person/organization who is trying silence our voice against corruption. We will keep our site visitors informed once the website is fully ... Read More
September 8, 2014haritha


TISL has invited the two writers who contributed biased and one-sided stories to Ceylon Today newspaper to respect evidence based strategic interventions to promote good governance and eradicate corruption from the country. Further TISL invites anyone wishing to know about TISL to visit its office and collect information on what TISL do and enlighten themselves rather than ignoring basic media ethics and write biased one-sided articles. TISL ... Read More
August 7, 2014haritha


Move by the Defence Ministry to ban Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) from holding press conferences workshops and issuing media releases was an illegal decision said the Civil Society Collective (CSC) on Wednesday 09th July 2014. Speaking on behalf of the CSC J.C.Weliamuna Chairperson of the Transparency International Sri Lanka said the NGO’s will continue to ignore the ban and continue with ... Read More
July 9, 2014haritha


Over the past few years Sri Lanka's civil society organizations have been facing a most  challenging task in discharging their responsibilities and l obligations. These challenges have  led to a situation which has resulted in weakening the spirit of both civil society activists and the organizations themselves. It has also challenged the democratic framework and good governance. In the recent past civil society activists and organizations ... Read More
July 9, 2014haritha