Board of Directors

S.C.C. Elankovan (Chairman)

Mr. S. C. C. Elankovan has received degrees in Philosophy and Law, as well as a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Madras. While pursuing his higher education in India, Mr. Elankovan acted as an advocate for an organization which worked with refugees – having himself spent 17 years as a refugee in India. A substantial extent of his professional career has been in the areas of rehabilitation and community development, working among refugees, IDPs and war affected communities. He is particularly interested in the area of sustainable community development, which includes the education, skills development and livelihoods of war-affected vulnerable groups and has been involved in advocacy initiatives on the same.

Mr. Elankovan has worked in the NGO sector for the last 23 years, 16 of which have been spent in Sri Lanka working for INGO’S such as ZOA and Oxfam. He has also worked in varied capacities with the Sarvodaya Shramadana movement.

Mr. Elankovan is presently a Consultant for the National NGO Action Front (NNAF). He provides support to the NNAF by assisting in increasing their membership, especially in the North, East and Plantation areas. This includes enhancing the sustainability of NNAF and its membership, taking into account the current changes taking place in the local context for NGO’s, CBO’s and consortia. He is also a consultant for Diakonia.

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Anushika Amarasinghe

Ms Amarasinghe spent eight years of her professional career in a managerial capacity at TI Sri Lanka (TISL) since its inception. She effectively applied her multiple professional qualifications of law, management and accounting, in performing an integral role in the development of the institution.

As a free-lance consultant in the development sector, Ms Amaarsinghe has worked on several assignments in organizational development, strategic planning and fundraising. She is a director at Sustainable Development Consultants Private Limited, a Project Consultancy and Property Development Company. A member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, she is currently reading for her Masters in Law.

Through her career at 3M Lanka and TISL, which are both part of reputed international organizations, Anushika has had exposure to the highest global standards of reporting and integrity. She has taken the lead in integrating these requisite systems and processes into the Institution, working with cross-functional teams, providing leadership and guidance to meet related institutional goals.

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Shyamala Gomez

Ms Gomez is the Country Director, FOKUS Women, a women’s organization based in Colombo that partners with nine women’s organizations working in the North and East.

Ms Gomez taught law at the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo for over eight years and was also Gender Advisor to the UN Office of the Resident Coordinator in Colombo for many years. She also served as Senior Programme Officer, (Women and Housing Rights) at the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE).

She has written and published extensively in the areas of violence against women, masculinities, rights of migrant workers, land rights of women, women, peace and security, women and politics and more generally on women’s rights. She is also a trainer and has worked extensively with the corporate sector.

A Fulbright Scholar, she has an LLB (Honours) from the University of Colombo and a Masters in Law from Georgetown University, Washington DC.

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K. W. Janaranjana

An Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Janaranjana is a senior journalist who is presently Editor of the weekly newspaper –’Ravaya’. He is one of the Director of Ravaya Publications Guarantee Limited. After completing the Attorney’s finals examinations, he has enrolled as a member of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.

He was the founder member and the CEO of Rights Now Collective for Democracy during 2007-2008 periods. He has served as the assistant secretary and secretary for Free Media Movement for several years and currently he is functioning as an executive committee member.

He is a lecture of Law and currently he is serving as a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Professional Studies (CFPS) Colombo. He is a diploma holder of University of Sri Jayawardenepura, in communication. He is an active member of Lawyers for Democracy.

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Tony Senewiratne

The National Director of Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka since 2001, Mr. Seneviratne has served as a voluntary board member of the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) from 1998 and was Deputy Chairman (2000-01).

He was Executive Director of LEADS (Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service) 1991- 2000. Mr Seneviratne was instrumental in setting up ESCAPE – an organization for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Sexually Abused Children.

He also set up Y-Gro – a Youth Rehabilitation program – Vocational training center & Campsite and was its director from inception. He has been Director of the English Language Ministry and presently serves as the Treasurer of Y-Gro.

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Gehan Gunatilleke

Gehan Gunatilleke is an attorney-at-law and researcher specialising in the fields of constitutional law and human rights. He received his first degree in law at the University of Colombo and thereafter received an LL.M at Harvard Law School. He teaches human rights, democratisation and development in postgraduate degree programmes offered by the University of Sydney, University of Colombo, and the Open University of Sri Lanka. He is also a Research Director at Verité Research.

He has authored and co-authored several publications including ‘Right to Information: A Guide for Advocates’ (Sri Lanka Press Institute; UNESCO – 2014), ‘The Judicial Mind in Sri Lanka: Responding to the Protection of Minority Rights’ (Law & Society Trust, co-author with Jayantha de Almeida Guneratne & Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena – 2014), ‘Reporting on Human Trafficking and Forced Labour: A Practical Guide for Journalists in Sri Lanka’ (ILO – 2012), and ‘Media Policy and Law in Sri Lanka: The Way Forward in Legal, Industry and Educational Reforms’ (Institute of Commonwealth Studies, co-author with Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena – 2012).

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T. Someswaran

T. Someswaran a Chartered Accountant, in practice for more than 35 years and retired from the post of Senior Partner of SJMS Associates, a Firm of Accountants which is associated with Deloitte’s in Sri Lanka. He is also a Fellow member of Certified Management Accountants (CMA) and a member of the Governing Council of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. (CPM)

He serves as an independent Director of Serendib Land PLC, CleanCo Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Pan Asian Power PLC, ECSAT (Equality based Community Support & Training Center, ICLP (Institute of Commercial Law & Practice). He serves on the Audit committees of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, Serendib Land PLC, CleanCo Lanka Ltd., Pan Asia Power and Esna Power (Pvt) Ltd.

He holds numerous memberships and honorary positions to help strengthen the capacity of charitable and non-profit organizations as well as philanthropic projects and activities. Mr. Someswaran has substantial experience in auditing, organizational development, leadership & partnership building and is passionate about networking & linking organizations to facilitate positive social change and development, with specific focus on governance, accounting ethics and resource mobilization.

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Shreen Saroor

Ms. Shreen Abdul Saroor is a co-founder of Mannar Women’s Development Federation (MWDF) and Women’s Action Network, a collective of 11 women’s groups, that have been working on advocacy on women’s rights and documentation with a focus in north and east of Sri Lanka.

Challenges faced by Shreen in her own experience of being forcibly evicted and displaced along with all the members of her community from the north in 1990 laid the foundation for her activism. Her activism grew when she implemented the ‘Shakti gender equality program’ sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency in 1998.

In 2004, the John B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice elected Shreen as one of the Women Peacemakers and later that year she was awarded a two-year Echoing Green Fellowship to build a model resettlement village bringing together Tamil and Muslim displaced communities in her hometown, Mannar. Since the end of the war in May 2009 Shreen has been working with women who have faced sexual violence and families that are looking for their missing family members – especially on litigation and international lobbying. Shreen’s first degree is in Business Administration and her post-graduate area of specialty is in Feminist Studies.

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Pulasthi Hewamanna

He’s an attorney at law engaged in practice relating to Human Rights and Public Law litigation.
He has an LLB from the University of London and thereafter obtained an LLM (with distinction) from Kings College London specializing in International Human Rights & International Environmental Law. He has served as a Lecturer in the Law of Evidence at the Royal Institute, Colombo and has also lectured at the International College of Business and Technology (ICBT) campus, Colombo.

As part of Pulasthi’s commitment to continued professional development, he is pursuing a course of studies relating to Forensic Medicine, conducted by the faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.

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