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As part of a regional series for the Global Corruption Barometer, Transparency International spoke to nearly 22,000 people about their recent experiences with corruption in 16 countries and territories in the Asia Pacific region. This report comes at a key moment when many governments in the region are preparing their agendas to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs set out development priorities for 2030 which include, among others, reducing corruption ... Read More
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Sri Lanka’s score in the Corruption Perception Index has marginally declined as per the 2016 data released today by Transparency International, the global movement against corruption. The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranks countries according to the perceived level of public sector corruption where Sri Lanka is ranked 95th out of 176 counties with a poor ... Read More
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Transparency International is a leading global player in the fight against corruption. This includes looking at ways local organizations battling corruption can be strengthened. Therefore, it’s local chapter, Transparency International Sri Lanka is focusing it’s attention on how the Bribery Commission can be strengthened. This will be done through a survey on public perceptions of how the Commission has performed over the past three years. We would therefore appreciate your own views on the Commission’s ... Read More
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It is a national need to protect the whistleblowers.  Concerted effort in one voice by the citizens would enable it to become a fundamental right at this juncture when a constitutional reform process is underway, the former Auditor General SC Mayadunne said. He made this declaration on 26 July while addressing the press conference to mark the launch of the policy on encouragement and protection of whistleblowers. He called for action to develop this policy to be an Act of parliament ... Read More
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TISL along with March 12 Movement (M12M) have completed training of more than 110 members of Youth Parliament under the National Youth Council during last two months to improve their capacity to fight against corruption using newly adopted mechanisms and tools such as Right to Information (RTI). Five workshops were conducted during last two months to train Youth Parliamentarians. They were given training to identify what is corruption, how its effect the development of the country ... Read More
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Transparency International Sri Lanka put their weight behind the Combined Trade Union Alliance of the Auditor General’s Department to strengthen their struggle to have the National Audit Bill passed by Parliament without amendments as it was long overdue. After a lengthy process running in to 14 years a committee led by the Auditor General, and assisted by several experts and the Attorney General, completed the final ... Read More
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Transparency International Legal arm ALAC with the collaboration of the Ministry of Pubic Administration and Good governance has developed a Hand book for Investigative officer in state institutions. In Sri Lanka over 50 Ministries have established internal investigation units. Objective of those units are to investigate all the irregularities and malpractices taking place in the Ministry or the institutions under the Ministry. The investigations are commonly commence once a concern citizen makes a complaint ... Read More
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Open Government for all

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Sri Lanka became a signatory to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in October 2015. Little is still understood about the OGP. Pushpi Weerakoon, OGP Civil Society (CSO) Coordinator, explains what it means and how it works practically: OGP CSO Coordinator Pushpi Weerakoon and Chairman of the Stolen Assets Recovery Task Force- J.C. Weliamuna with President Maithripala Sirisena at the London Anti-Corruption Summit where Sri Lanka jointly pledged with ... Read More
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Despite enquiries confirming fraud of 169 million Rupees happened at Reconciliation and Development Agency (RADA), Coalition against Corruption (CAC) alleges that authorities are not taking necessary steps to conclude the enquiry and take legal action against the accused Saman Rathanpriya joint convener of the Coalition against Corruption speaking at a media briefing questioned whether the reason for government not to take necessary action is because accused are allies of the government? Initial investigations has revealed that Rs ... Read More
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